McCarthy Contracting is a member of Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ).  We are a Registered and Qualified Contractor with RCNZ.  Our trucks and drivers are all Spreadmark Certified.

At McCarthy Contracting we are committed to keeping abreast of change in business practices, not only Government requirements but also industry developments.

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We have several mowers for different specialist uses, including for smaller paddocks with more limited access and ground contouring, or larger areas with centre pivot for even ground pressure.

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Round Baling

We have balers that are ideal for high-density bales, for balage, hay or straw. We can offer round bales, from 4ft to 6ft with hay and 4ft with balage.

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Square Baling

We offer balage services from mowing to raking, baling and carting. We offer medium square bales and 4×3 square bales.

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We prefer individually wrapping of bales rather than tube wrapping, for reasons including: less wastage, easy stacking and transport and more.

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We have ploughs suitable for hard ground, ploughs with hydraulic vari-width, and a range of other cultivation equipment.

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We offer both direct drilling for the quick establishment of crops, and roller drilling, mainly used for establishing grass seed in narrow rows.

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Fodderbeet Harvesting

Our harvester digs, cleans and transfers the beets in one simple process, allowing large areas of harvesting to be done quickly and efficiently.

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Fertiliser Spreading

We offer agricultural spreading, which includes mini-spreading, suitable for small blocks, small crops and vineyards.

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Cartage Fine Chop Pit Silage

We have team available that specialise soley in producing pit silage; including maize, cereal and grass silage.

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Combine Harvesting

Our extra large cleaning area system delivers clean samples with minimal loses and efficiently copes with high yields and demanding harvesting conditions.

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