McCarthy Contracting runs a seven furrow, Vogel & Noot reversible plough. Vogel & Noot ploughs are known for their ability to plough very hard ground where other ploughs have difficulty. The plough has hydraulic vari-width which means that we are able to plough furrows ranging from 16” to 21”.

Being a European plough, a better finish is achieved, including better weed control through trash being buried properly. This is a reasonably large plough, which enables us to cover more ground quickly without having to increase tractor speed. A better ploughing job means less cultivation is required before the crop is sown.


In most cases once ploughing has been completed, a final seedbed can be achieved with one pass of our three-metre Alpego power harrow and cambridge roller.

For different terrain and soil types we operate a range of other cultivation equipment including:

  • 5.5m Heavy Tyne Grubber
    With it's large trash clearance is primarily used for the first stage of cultivating ground that has not been or is unable to be ploughed.
    It is also used in combination with our jumbo harrows.
  • 6.5m Maxitill with heavy tynes
    Our Maxitill is used for top working paddocks for minimum tillage James Aerator.
    It has a 5 Leg aerator for aerating soils particularly ground that has been pugged by stock.
  • Discs
    For incorporating trash in difficult vegetation. Enables the trash to breakdown more quickly.
  • Rotary Hoe
    This is used to chop up turf or crop residue and for top working in hard conditions.
  • Power harrow
    As mentioned above is often used in conjunction with the cambridge roller. Its main function is to form a seedbed and the tyne configuration achieves this without bringing the trash to the surface in comparison to the operation of the rotary hoe. It also has a leveling board on the hoe to enable the paddock to be leveled out at the same time. It can be operated with a cage or packer roller depending on how firm the final seed bed needs to be.

Experienced staff

Our experienced staff are able to look at the ground to be worked and decide what cultivation options are the best for the final result that is required.

We offer both direct and roller drilling as mentioned on our drilling page to compete the job.

In other words we have ‘different tools for different tasks’.