Direct Drilling

The main benefits of direct drilling crops are the quick establishment from crop to crop, no cultivation of the paddock is required before drilling. Direct drilling is a low cost operation which enables McCarthy Contracting to keep the drilling cost per hectare at close to half that of other operators. This leaves more money in the farmer’s pocket.

McCarthy Contracting operates a Horsch Pronto DC4 Drill and a Duncan Renovator AS3000 19 run air seeder drill.

The Horsch Pronto drill is a compact universal seed drill with low weight and large hopper capacity which maximises performance and seeding quality. It gives high precision seeding in a minimum or no till situation but also gives exceptional results in cultivated ground.

The Duncan Air Seeder drill consists of three rows of inch coil tynes with baker boots for good penetration into hard ground and ideal shattering conditions in heavier soil types. The drill also has lead discs, which can be lowered and operated when drilling crops with substantial residues e.g straw crops. The drill is easy to calibrate and is fitted with a double seed box for drilling different types of seed concurrently.

Roller Drilling

Roller drilling is mainly used for establishing grass seed in narrow row spacings. The seed is more evenly spread at an even depth. The grass grows in a carpet type covering in contrast to the drill rows, sometimes up to 6 inches wide, left by other drill types. Roller drilling is ideal for permanent grasses, lucerne and brassicas. Another advantage is that it operates where other drills are unable to particularly in paddocks with a lot of turf. We operate a Duncan Roller Drill followed by a Duncan Cambridge Roller. It has heavy deep v rings on the roller drill and medium v rings on the roller. Suntrail harrows are used between the tractor and the roller drill to eradicate tractor wheel marks. Chain harrows are used between the drill and the roller to aid in covering the seed. The same easy to calibrate seed box system is operated on this drill as on the Duncan Renovator Drill. The seed is delivered evenly across the entire 2.95m drilling width.