Square Baling

Medium Square – New Holland B890 Plus Med Sq Baler

McCarthy Contracting is operating a new NH B890 Plus medium square baler this season.

This baler is designed to get the maximum benefit from the crop so that all the goodness and value is retained for our customers.  Density is the key to these balers and is operated by the SmartFill bale direction sensing system.  This system ensures that the operator feeds the crop in and even manner and the strong, reinforced monocoque frame guarantees durability, season after season.  The density of bales is continually monitored by three-sided density control.

For enhanced silage crops, knives can be engaged in the baler as required.  Precision knotting and a gentle bale drop are other key features of this baler.  It also has onboard yield and moisture sensing.

Ultimately, our goal is to produce high-quality consistent bales, all day, every day.


Case LB434R Baler

The Case LBX 433 4 x 3 Baler is a high-performance baler designed for the high capacity harvesting of all crop types. It produces bales with consistent crop density, perfect geometric shape and has a reliable knotting system.

The crop cutting system makes it possible to produce dense, high-quality bales that are consistent in size and shape, with an equal number of flakes. It comes fitted with scales for weighing every bale and a moisture meter for recording crop moisture.