Square Baling

Medium Square – LBX332 & LBX333 Case Crop Cutter

McCarthy Contracting operate two Case LBX332 Crop Cutter Balers. This baler is designed to get the maximum benefit from the crop so that all the goodness and value is retained for our customers. Both balers have moisture metres which record the moisture level of the crop going through the baler. They also have electronic bale length selection and additive tanks for applying product during baling if required.

When there is no time to waste Case LBX balers go to work with a speed and efficiency that is hard to beat, operating at the cutting edge of technology to form the perfect bale. Whatever the crop, light hay, dry straw or wilted fodder with long, short or fragile stems, the LBX baler will form precisely the right bale for bedding or fodder. The rotor/cutter features a 39mm theoretical chop length for tight and compact segments enabling easy distribution for feeding. The baler floats across the paddock on tandem axles with large flotation tyres minimizing paddock compaction and damage. By producing dense bales of maximum weight means less bales in the field and every load carted is able to reach maximum legal load limits i.e. efficient, economical cartage of feed to its final destination.

Case LB434R Baler

The Case LBX 433 4 x 3 Baler is a high-performance baler designed for the high capacity harvesting of all crop types. It produces bales with consistent crop density, perfect geometric shape and has a reliable knotting system.

The crop cutting system makes it possible to produce dense, high-quality bales that are consistent in size and shape, with an equal number of flakes. It comes fitted with scales for weighing every bale and a moisture meter for recording crop moisture.