Round Baling

Round Baling – New Holland Balers

McCarthy Contracting first started with a New Holland 650 round baler. Some years later, they still operate New Holland round balers, a NH658 and BR750A with crop cutters and variable chambers producing bales which range in size from 1.2m to 1.8m in diameter.

These balers are ideal for producing high-density bales in either balage, hay or straw. They wrap the bale with net wrap, which gives the bale some protection from the weather if stored outside and is easy to remove for feeding out. Sticking with the New Holland balers, which produce a nicely shaped high density bale, means that the customer receives a product that is the cheapest way of storing baled crop today.

Round Baling – McHale Fusion 3 Plus

The McHale Fusion intergrated baler wrapper combines two traditionally separate jobs, namely baling and wrapping and intergrates them into a single operation which can be done by one man and one machine. After having a great run with the McHale Fusion 2 baler wrapper, McCarthy Contracting has upgraded to the latest Fusion 3 Plus model.

The Fusion 3 Plus is unique in that it has been specifically designed as a high output machine producing 50-60 wrapped bales per hour in a single pass. The Fusion 3 Plus is the latest in baling and wrapping combinations on the market. This baler does not require net to be applied to the bales, only plastic, making it much easier to feed out bales. Net can be applied if required. It can end tip the bales to leave them flat and like all our balers it has an inoculation kit fitted as well. A common misconception is that the bales are hard to cart and that you are unable to get many on a truck. In actual fact the bales are normally an average weight of 600Kg which means that you can get up to 40 on a truck. They stack on their flats which ensures that they are very stable when being transported.

Additional Baler Features

All balers have moisture meters. Two of the balers have Gazeeka microwave moisture meters which constantly read the slab moisture of a bale as it is exiting the baler. If a bale exceeeds the desired moisture content spray cans can mark these bales if required so that they can be left separate from a large stack or shed. The use of microwave technology means that the readings are very accurate. They take into account the dew moisture as well as the stem moisture.

Working alongisde these we have Gazeeka chemical applicators which can inject additive to either aid ensiling as an innoculant or as a dispersing hay additive to allow baling hay at a higher moisture content while still producing a product that is safe from heating.

All these feature mean our square balers offer more than the average baler!