Fodderbeet Harvesting

Beet Harvesting

Beet is an excellent high energy source and economic milking and fattening feed for both dairy and beef cattle. It can be breakfed in the paddock or harvested and stored for later feeding via a silage or feed mixer wagon. It is a good feeding combination with quality silage or other supplements. The advantage of harvesting the crop is that you can feed it in measured quanitites and this also allows a quick turnaround from crop to crop. Mechanical harvesting also creates far less damage in the paddock and the following crop can be sown straightaway.

McCarthy Contracting Ltd have a Grimme Rootster 604 6 row Beet Harvester. The harvester is a trailed harvester which digs, cleans and transfers the beet in one simple process. This allows harvesting of large areas of beet quickly and efficiently. The end result is stone free beet that can be stored in the paddock or a bunker. A topper is located on the front of the harvesting tractor to remove the top of the beet before harvesting.

We have trucks, tipping trailers and a mobile weighbridge available to assist with the harvesting process.